Just the Tip…

For a while now I’ve been wanting to re-burn the tips of my exhaust since they were fading. I’m not even sure why – maybe from blowing flames on the way back from Edmonton and especially from the 5 hours of dyno time. It just turned them dull and almost gone. Since Driven is coming up, I thought I’d go ahead and do it for the show. Went to Home Depot to get a torch with an auto light feature… shit didn’t work so Ricky drove me back to exchange it for a good ol’ manual light torch and boom. Got it working. $15 later, re-torched tips.

Polished off the old color and it was back to a shiny, polished look. Then came the torching… It was pretty fun to do actually – I even said I’d do this shit for a living if there was some sort of occupation even remotely similar. I’ll admit that it’s not as perfect as how tips usually come from factory, but I think it’s pretty damn good for the first time. I’m content with them for now and I’ll probably redo them later. Way easier to do than titanium, that’s for sure.

And they’re actually way brighter and vibrant than when I got the exhaust brand new. I didn’t play with any vibrance or saturation – what you see is what they actually look like.

You can see it’s a bit splotchy with light blue, dark blue and a little purple – it adds character.

From the back. Wooo – 4 days till Driven people!!!

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