Do Work!

After a painstaking wait and a super close call before the show – JC’s wheels finally showed up. I think I remember him ordering his wheels way back in October even before I ordered my Varis kit and the ETA was of course 3 months-ish, like most wheels. However, fast forward to beginning of June – 9 days away from Driven, and his wheels still aren’t here. The problem is that it’s a 5×100 bolt pattern and as most of you know, it’s not a common bolt pattern. Most guys are 5×114.3 or 5×112. Older Subaru’s and the newer non-STI’s have 5×110 still I believe, Toyotas of course, etc… But when it comes to JDM wheels like WORK and VOLK, it’s easy to manufacture wheels in the more common bolt patterns and expect them to come in 3 months or earlier. Unfortunately (and fortunately), they took a while but they still ended up getting here… 5 days before the show. A lot of us were thinking it was going to be a no go for JC, but thankfully they came.

Punit did all the legwork in picking the wheels up at Tunerworks, the tires at JC’s house, JC’s credit card at work, bringing them to Urban X south and getting them mounted – finally to get to this point. Props to Punit!

By the time I got there, JC had already got the rear wheels mounted. Dayum. 18×8.5 +26 – fits perfectly. Just enough stretch and a nice height to compliment it.

JC doing work.

Out with the old, beat winter tires.

And in with the new. JC peeling off the blue protective tape revealing the nice chrome lip.

Honey Cocaine.

#KKK is back for real. Finally.


Douchebag parking. That was primarily my fault since I was first in. Ricky and I switched cars and I was going to fix myself but was too lazy. Nobody was around anyway. Must have been because I was sitting in Prashant’s douchemobile AMG yesterday. Rubbed off.

Anyways, we were just waiting for JC to wash his whip.

Random shot of Ricky’s wheels

Moved over to the church where it was completely dead. Gopesh also joined us earlier to check out the whip.

Finally, some unofficial shots of JC’s car on his new shoes. We’ll be shooting this soon!

Until next time…

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