Garage Bodyshop

After picking up Ricky’s car on Thursday, we finally had some time to get the wing and sideskirts on. We ran into some hiccups here and there, but eventually we got it all on and it looks sick as hell. They’re the OSIR sideskirts and wing. Such a pain when you have limited supplies. BUT we ended up getting it done!

The OSIR wing attachment. We used some fast cure eurothane to get the wing on since it was popping up on one end when you pushed the other side down. We ended up putting the glue on and taping the shit out of both ends and left it for a few hours while we worked on the sideskirts.

The three piece sideskirts. Such a pain.


Our work shop.

After a few hours we got it taped up. Had to drill the carbon and bolt it onto the first piece, then make sure that mounted up to the car. Finally, we had to make sure the third piece slipped in and also fit properly. It wasn’t a perfect fit but it was better than some other kits. Nothing some 3M couldn’t fix.

Taped up and aired out.

Took the tape off and voila! Peep the sick carbon underneath. Got it painted only halfway to show that.

Another shot of it.

Also put on his new sticker to match his panties haha

Once we finished it was still kinda early so I messaged Terence to ask him if he could make me some new stickers for Driven on Saturday – so we left there. Got a rolling shot of Ricky’s car. It was raining a bit so we put some tape on the sideskirt so the 3M wouldn’t get wet haha

Boom. So sick!

Terence doing his magic.

New logo 🙂

Nice and simple.

Also got some hollow sideskirt decals made as well. PS – our new logo decals will be at Driven on Saturday if you want them! Come visit us at the booth!

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