Wheels, Kits, and Panties…

Yesterday felt like a busy day but it actually ended up being a “so what are we doing now?” kinda day and I hate that haha

First plan of business was to get Ricky’s wheels and tires mounted – finally after months of them sitting in my basement, Ricky is in the home stretch of getting his car done. There is exactly 13 days left until Driven and it seems like everybody is rushing to get their parts done and on. Some people like JC are still waiting for parts – it’s been since November-ish since he’s ordered his wheels and they are scheduled to be here a week before the show, if not later.

I think it’ll all work out in the end though and it’s going to be a sick show!
Anyways – onto the day…

After months of having the tires in my basement and the wheels boxed up and asking to be taken out – we finally get the chance to take them to Gary and Cort at Urban X.

Since we didn’t have an appointment, they were nice enough to let us just drop it off and have them work on them whenever they had time. Meanwhile, we headed to the Tenchiwala residence and chilled for a bit. Gopesh had some goodies to install. I was sitting in JC’s car and was checking out his dildo knob again… haha I have a soft spot for this thing cause it’s so crazy. It’s actually super fun to shift.

We were taking a look at some of the stuff we had from 2010 to see if we could reuse them for anything this year and unfortunately we can’t. The flags that we had made by Terence at Black Label got ruined when we took them to the show in Vancouver last year. It was an outdoor show and it rained practically all day.

Gopesh came and it turned out his sideskirts, rear Oettinger bumper and front lip were done being painted.

Dirty – but he’s been driving like this since we installed the exhaust a few weeks ago.

The front lip

The rest of the pieces loaded up in Punit’s Legacy

The bumper

We decided to wash the car and fit it on to make sure the paint matched and it was easier to work with. Turned out great. The APR exhaust looks sick

A shot of his APR intake that I didn’t get a chance to take a pic of last time. Kind of the same set up as stock – except carbon. Didn’t seem that special to me, but it looks sick.

Around 2, we went back to Urban and picked the wheels back up. We asked if they could leave the blue tape on the wheels so that when we test them with his air set up, we don’t accidentally scratch up the lip. This is how they look the shade – no spectrum silver or anything. Just straight gunmetal. Stealthy.

Earlier we went to the mall to eat and Ricky wanted to pick up some purple panties to hang on his rear view mirror for the show and to match his “panty dropper” sticker he’ll be slapping on his air tank and Diana was able to hook him up LOL

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