Gopesh’s APR Install

Finally some awesome weather. It’s actually a day that we’ve all been waiting for… over 20C and sun shining with not a cloud in the sky. No need for sweaters or heat guns. And what better way to make use of our time than to have another install day.

Gopesh has been keeping his brand spanking new APR turbo back and APR carbon intake since winter and we finally got around to installing it today. Super nice piece and since we did it on Ricky’s GTI last year – should be the same and no problem right? Wrong. I don’t think we’ve ever encountered an install without any issues – big or small. There’s always something that blocks us, but we can’t avoid it I guess.

Took a quick snap of my car since I just waxed it and it looks amazing in the sun when it’s shining.

Got to Prashant’s house and look at this parking job. I guess douche parking comes with the car.

Layout of the APR exhaust and carbon intake in the boxes

Gopesh doing work lol

Ready to get the intake in. But for some reason, I didn’t get a final shot of it. The way the APR exhaust is made was such a fail on their part. The bolts that hold the chamber to the filter don’t even fit, the filter barely fits the arm, blah blah blah.

Legs everywhere haha

Everybody doing work.

hahaha Punit was stuck under there holding the exhaust for so long. We jumped the gun and took everything off the hangers too quick and Gopesh had barely got the downpipe off. Whoops.

Finally that stock bitch is out.

Also took the rear plastic valence off since we’re still waiting on his rear Oettinger bumper, so he’ll be running like this until then.

Exhaust up. So shiny. Man the hangers for this car are such a bitch to do.

Look at that mirror shine.

I didn’t get a chance to get finished pics of it on the ground since I had to go home and get ready since we all had to be somewhere in an hour and a half… I’ll get more when he’s done his car. I did get a sound clip though, so that will be up soon.

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