Bags Are for Groceries

Ricky got his car back from Concept 1 today after dropping it off last Thursday. Such quick and quality work by Matt! Anyways, after a quick debrief on how to work it and stuff, we headed back to my place and played around with it a bit. All I can say is that I am jelly and that I want air for my STI now too. So fun to mess with. Now it goes to the bodyshop to get it all fixed and all the new parts put on! Almost there!

Set up in the back


Highest setting. LOLOL for some reason this looks like stock height. I remember being able to put my fist in when he first got the car.

Messing around trying to be a low rider haha

Set to the cruise height. This is about how he was with coils – maybe a bit higher.

Fucking sick!


And dumped. Love it.

5 thoughts on “Bags Are for Groceries

      • Rides like it’s on firm coilovers. Not bumpy or squishy. It helped that he got bilstein shocks instead of using shitty ones too. Almost can’t tell the difference really. It’s definitely a wicked set up.

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