Field Trip to Edmonton – Part 3

I actually decided that I’d just go ahead and post the final part of our trip before I post the meet pics. It will coincide with the post we make on illmotion, so I’ll either link it or make a separate post. Not that many pics in this post – it was around 9PM and we just wanted to get back home. Got a gas station gangster pic and some rolling shots.

Got to the meet and decided to go find some dinner before we left. Look at that loser throwing up fob signs.

Look at these two trolls. Always have to be looking at the camera.

This was the worst idea ever. Ricky and I were feeling pretty tired and with the 3 hour drive home in the dark, I was afraid I was gonna get hella sleepy so we decided to pick this up. “No crash later” is bullshit. At least for someone who doesn’t drink caffeine EVER. Well, we drank it at around 830PM thinking that by the time we got home, it’d wear off. Wrong. The good thing is that neither of us were tired on the way home. The bad thing is by the time we got home we were still hyper as hell. I went to bed feeling tired on the outside and on the inside my heart was beating like I just ran a marathon. Even today I was jittery and shaky as hell. Never again.

Anyway… fast forward and we are on our way home… Loved this pic.

Rolling shot for Derrick. The sky on our way back was awesome.


And Rich… I didn’t get any of Gopesh because we kept giving him a hard time about always speeding ahead and losing the pack so he stayed back and never passed any of us on the whole way back LOL! Anyways that ends it for most of the trip except the actual pics from the meet.

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