Field Trip to Edmonton – Part 2

Part II and go! Isaac and Daniel let us personally use their wash bay to get all the highway crap off of our cars which was extremely generous of them. I’ve never used a high pressure wash that actually had pressure like that before haha.

Anyways, not much to see except a bunch of people washing their cars. At the end, we were able to set up all our cars inside the shop and take a birds eye view shot of all of us which was wicked! Read on!

Washing Snow White

I’m surprised I didn’t catch any birds in that huge opening haha

The other side of the shop where we dried our cars and later set up

Rolling out for Gopesh and Aldrich to move in

Punit being a troll.  No, he’s not trying to help me dry the car. He thinks it’s a mouth or some shit. Damn Honda owners…

Rich washing up

Not sure what was going on here. LOL

Gopesh washing his car. Peep his grill line – coming off because of the highway drive or something or the ultimate pressure washer took it off.

Doing work.

Isaac and his super clean Civic and his fresh paint job. I think he said it was done 4 days ago? Crazy.

hahaha you can see that bump on Derrick’s head. I asked for a another towel to dry my car and he offered it in his trunk. I ended up getting it and didn’t let the trunk go all the way and he came over to check. In retrospect, I don’t even know why he came to look but he smacked his head on the trunk and he kept making a big deal about having a concussion and bleeding and shit. What a baby. Shit was hilarious though.

Daniel’s super clean Del Sol. You don’t see many of these in such great condition. He had just gotten a fresh paint job as well and that was two days ago. So minty!

Gopesh’s GTI all clean and with the grill stripe all done again thanks to Rich.

KKK. (No racist)

This is how we originally had it set up but after realizing that we needed to fit three more cars in we had to move it. My wing took up too much room hahahaha

Boom. Final result. I loved this shop cause it was so clean, and the lighting was perfect. If we had more time I wish we could have set up on the hoists and stuff but this was good enough. This shot alone was worth the trip through the blizzard haha.

Part III up later with pics from the meet!

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