Field Trip to Edmonton – Part 1

The day we had all been waiting for finally came and it’s gone before we even knew it. We’ve been waiting for a few months for this day to come – the season opener meet at United Cycle in Edmonton. We planned to make the trip down in the morning, drive around, eat at ihop and do some random things before the meet started at 7PM. There was supposedly some indication the day before that it might have snowed during the morning and unfortunately it did and still was when we were ready to roll out.

When I woke up I went out to check to see the weather and there were huge fluffs of snow falling from the sky – not sticking to the ground which was fine, but it was still a bitch. That made us all second guess whether it was worth it to go. I personally almost said no and tried to figure out what else I was going to do today if I didn’t head down. Rich messages us and says he’s on Stoney and it’s perfectly fine. OK – that settles it, we’re going. The plan was to meet at 11AM at deerfoot mall and we would head out. Edmonton’s forecast was rain-free and a high of +16C – better than Calgary and it’s dumb snow…

Anyways, here’s part 1…

Underexposed the shot so you could see the snow falling – this was at about 10AM. Not horrible, but not ideal either.

Fueling up with my Chocolate cheerios and checking my email before heading out.

Get to Deerfoot mall and it’s super big and wet snow falling – Gopesh, Derrick and I waiting on Punit, Prashant and Rich… You could stand outside for a minute and be soaked. hahaha also note my half assed attempt at protecting my lip. Didn’t do shit anyways haha.

Check out that snowfall. It doesn’t look that bad in the pic, but you could barely see in front of you. We lost each other in the snow because we needed to follow another car in order to know where we were going.

Almost through red deer and the snow let up and it was just rain.

Random shot lol

Got to gasoline alley and I was the only one that filled up. That’s what you get when you roll with gas sippers. lol

Rain let up and it was getting nice and dry finally

With the dry weather, we decided to do some rolling shots. Derrick and his teg – sick shot.

Punit and Rich


Punit – Regas look so good

Prashant getting go pro footage


Clear sailing! Such a relief.

Got to Edmonton and had lunch at ihop – so delicious I don’t know why we don’t have this in Calgary. Just finished and we were getting ready to roll to Speedtech for some BBQ…..

Got to speedtech and no BBQ. LOL it was closed and the roads were so shitty getting there.

Whatever, hard park for a while and look cool. That was the whole point anyway…

Finally – Isaac and Daniel invited us to come to their shop and detail our cars before the meet. Thanks so much to you guys for letting us use it and your super clean shop! Great meeting you guys. Here’s the lineup…

And I’ll end that here for now for part I… We got some sick shots in the shop which I’ll save for part II… Check back soon!

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