SSR SP1 – Spectrum Silver

Today was a nice surprise. Ricky’s wheels were actually in for a few weeks but since his phone was busted, there was no way for Mark at Tunerworks to contact him. He ended up calling to ask and lo and behold, we ended up getting them after work. God what a wheel. It’s definitely a unique and nicely made wheel. Derrick came by and we also planned to repaint his valve cover, but we ended up getting side tracked… I’ll let the pics talk.

His valve cover…

Here we go.

SSR SP1’s in Spectrum Silver. BUT WAIT – it gets better.

Still gets better…

BOOM. Wait until you see these in the sun. It’s such a crazy finish that you have to see it in person.

You can see from a distance how it looks. On a sunny day these wheels would be killer.

haha a sheet saying who approved it all.

Put all the SSR decals on.

Another shot with the decal

It’s all in the details – SSR valve stems. Similar to Rays

Then we got to sanding and painted half of the valve cover. Got lazy and will finish the rest another day…

This is the finished piece… I just wanted to make the post to show off Ricky’s wheels. Can’t wait to see his car done!

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