Wednesday Funday…?

Well, another chill day during the weekday… helps pass the time quicker. Punit got his wheels mounted and put them on and put his interior back together after getting the headliner re-done in all black and painting all the grey pieces to black as well. Looks slick – OEM, even. haha

Before that, Ricky dropped his GTI off at Concept-1 to get his bags installed, hopefully it’ll be done by the end of the week or early next week. Shits gonna be nuts. Right after, we went to my place and put on the carbon stickers real quick and polished it up a bit. Then we made the trek all the way down to Chestermere…

Derrick’s Teg.

Some rolling shots Ricky took. After taking some of Derrick’s, we stopped over on Stoney quick and he went into Derrick’s car to get some of mine. I’ve been wanting rolling shots for so long lol



Walking up to the garage – the car is already on the ground and they’re working on the interior…


Lots of stretch, but still looks pretty good. I was scared for him but he ended up pulling it off. No rubbing.

JC and Gopesh putting the interior back.

Some of Punit’s goodies…

Nice Key’s wheel… Suede is such a love/hate relationship.

Nikki and Adam stopped by as well in her Yaris. They just installed coils but the fronts don’t seem to go that low. The body itself is pretty low – we’ll probably work on it on Sunday to see if we can get it lower.

Derrick’s Integra

Finally rolled out.

Profile shot..

Went for a quick ride and decided to get a wheel shot. Looks good!

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