Hoodrat Shit

Right after picking up my car and doing a quick shoot with Ricky – we headed over to Prashant’s and JC’s place. Prashant and Punit went out this morning to Montana to the border to pick up a shit load of tires, his new custom Regamasters from WheelFlip, a proper intake for his Integra and a shift knob for Jackie… They got back at around 6:30PM and we unpacked everything, cleaned his wheels and chilled for a bit.

Punit starting to open his wheels – he didn’t even open them at the border to make sure they were OK haha

Shit load of tires. You’d think we’re drifters.

Almost there… packed nicely at least.


Check out the lip on that shit. 16×9.5 +19


Went to take a quick snap of the group quick while they were unloading tires. Look at Prashant and his douchemobile AMG. I’m going to call him out every time I see it in my pics.

Another shot of the fresh new kit minus the carbon stickers I still need to put on.

Gopesh’s GTI – finally got to see this in the flesh. Looks sick as hell. It’s rare when the headlight tint works well and he pulled it off nicely. All that’s left is his APR exhaust and Oettinger rear bumper. Gonna be crazy.

Another shot of all the tires…

Prashant’s douchemobile tires. Nice and meaty.

Inside cleaning and waxing the wheels before mounting tomorrow. Hopefully I get some pics of it.

Done. More updates tomorrow hopefully!!

2 thoughts on “Hoodrat Shit

    • They are going on Punit’s Integra. It’s the red one that was on teal CCW’s last year. They should be on today – so I might go take a look and take some pics. It’ll be a HELL of a tight fit… I’m worried for him and his fenders but we’ll see!

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