Mock up…

Ricky and I went to the shop to check out the progress on the kit and everything this afternoon. It was supposed to be done, but Dave likes to be a perfectionist (and rightfully so), which is the main reason I only use Screamin’ Paintworks so he asked for another day to get it done right. There was a little bit of sanding that needed to be done to make clearance for my wheels or else it’d just pop out and cause problems and some minor adjustments that needed to be made to have the kit sitting perfect. The kit fits pretty much like OEM, but there are still work arounds, which I’m cool with.

Got to the shop and saw the bumper and skirts sitting there in all their painted glory. I asked if we could quickly mock it up so I could get a taste of what it looked like. It’s been a long time coming, I needed to at least see what it’d look like and god damn it looks amazing. I guess it’s something you have to see in person, and since it was a quick mock up, Dave and Ricky are in the shot holding it up.

Anyways – Once I take it home tomorrow, I’m doing a quick photoshoot rain or shine. So check back tomorrow evening. Until then, bask in the glory that is Varis.

The bumper and the carbon lip mated up

The skirts mated up as well. The skirts look super aggressive in person and on their own too.

Thar she sits.

Dave and Ricky carefully putting the bumper on for a mock.

A better shot. You can kind of see the clearance of the lip from the ground. The mesh is not installed yet and the STI badge should be put on as well.

The skirts mock up.

Look how sick that looks!

Up close. Don’t mind the dirty fender – that’s why it looks like the paint doesn’t match. I’ve gotta polish it when I bring ‘er home tomorrow. But note the super perfect fitment. It just snaps on and stays perfectly with no bolts. I think the skirts almost look better than the bumper LOL

Quick shot of Ricky’s new bumper……….

And a shot of the stock bumper all cleaned up and ready to sit in the basement for who knows how long. Maybe until I decide to winter drive it….

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