Varis Kit Updates

Dropped the car off to Dave at Screamin’ Paintworks today for him to work on it over the weekend and it should be done by Monday!

Went to the back quick to discuss the little details and got a chance to snap a picture of the filled in washer holes. This is the last I’ll see until it’s on the car. It’s gonna be a long and lonely weekend.

Here are some iPhone pics…

Looks great. As always, can usually count on Dave to do a terrific job. He’s done several custom projects from me and all have turned out nothing less than perfect. Here’s two custom wheel colors he put together…

Diana’s Fit and her custom House of Kolor purple Work Meister S1’s

My previous set of Work XT7’s in House of Kolor Burple.

I’ll for sure have an update on Monday! Crossing my finger all goes well!

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