Gopesh’s GTI Edits

Been wanting to do edits on Gopesh’s GTI for a while but I always forgot or never had the time. Finally got around to it and here are the results of two of the shots…

My favourite color car to shoot is black. The worst color to shoot is also black (and white when it’s super sunny out). With a polarizer and the right shots and angle, you can get good results. Gopesh’s GTI had to be the best black car that I’ve ever shot. Did some before and afters for you guys to see. Quite happy with the results…

Before. Some bug guts on the hood and bumper, dirt on the windshield, a wiper line. However, there’s a good contrast going on. The black is a little flat and doesn’t pop. The light is coming down at the right angle and I’m pretty sure it was +25C that day.

After. Got the black to pop and become a little more rich – like he just waxed the car. The headlights show more of that rainbow effect and I exaggerated the sun a bit on the top right. Desaturated most colors in the background and now the subject is the GTI. It’s not just a part of the picture.

Another before. Again, bug guts on the hood, bumper and windshield. The wiper line is still there. Same thing exists here – the car doesn’t pop, and it’s color just blends in with the surroundings. Good picture, but could be better.

And after. Same thing – black pops, the headlights look great with the rainbow effect, sun beating down from the top right and your attention isn’t drawn away because of dirt or annoying little details.

I think I’m gonna start doing this a bit more! Gives you guys an idea of how “I” edit and a lot of the time, many people don’t see how the pic looks untouched. A little bit of editing can make a big difference.

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