Driven 2010 Recap – Part II

Thought I’d finish off my Driven 2010 batch with my last few favourite shots I remember taking lol.

Our first banners, made with the help of Terence Ng from Black Label. Also our first time setting up our donation with the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation. Look forward to it again this year!

Lots of wheel shots. Arif’s TE’s, my Meisters and JC’s Halo’s.

Jackie’s custom candy blue TE37’s. Perfect paint job too – look at them sparkle.

Work VS-KF’s on the RX8 in our booth. One of my favourite dished wheels – an old wheel, but in the right size, god damn they look good. Project Mu brakes front and rear too.

Derek’s Integra with the custom valve cover I mentioned in the earlier post. Hand painted Calgary skyline and it’s legit as hell. Look at the spoon crane chillin on the light post haha

Punit’s freshly finished K24. Funky valve cover too – almost makes him look Jamaican haha

Ryan’s EP3 – his car has been years in the making and I think he’s come to the point where it’s perfect for him and rightfully so. It’s a well built car and he occasionally changes up wheels and color schemes. Now he’s on orange SE37’s.

James’ fully built STI.  This was the first time I actually saw his STI – I didn’t even know him until just last year. He contacted me about joining us in Vancouver for the show and we agreed. I didn’t even know what his car looked like (at the time) until we actually pulled up at the show because he had it on a trailer the whole way. Everything on his STI is custom – at one point he carbon everything. His widebody and the rest of the kit was painted and molded on his own. Definitely a crazy car. Last year he even had the Kognition wing installed and that was gangster as shit. Cut through his trunk and mounted on the frame – the “proper” way. Such a great car. I believe he parted out and ended up selling it this year…

Clean M3 on BBS’s

Volk TE37 in bronze on display. I remembered wanting to steal these lol

I can’t remember but I think this was an S14 with the S15 conversion. One of the first matte cars around town that I had seen.

My second favourite wheel. Meisters – no matter what anyone says will always be as timeless as TE37’s. Not a fan of the 3Pc because of the rivets, but still sick. “Usually” they look good on whatever car you put em on. Key word – usually.

And finally another shot of Jackie’s car on his TE37’s. I literally did almost nothing to this picture – that’s how vibrant and nicely done the paint job was on his wheels.

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