DTP 2011 Favourites…

Since I’m on a flashback roll, I decided to go through my DTP 2011 folder. I remember when we got there, it rained all damn day. Then as the show was ending, the rain stopped. I guess that’s what you get when you are in BC – rain rain rain rain rain.

Regardless, it was a different show than what we see in Calgary. First of all, they have always had it outside. Unfortunately for us (and them) it rained and kind of ruined the show. I remember the dude telling me that they checked all historic data and it hasn’t rained on this day for years and it decided to happen then. Great. Second, it wasn’t a overly big show – there weren’t hundreds of cars but each car was done up to the T. In this case, quality won over quantity and damn it was good. If the show reflected what the scene was like in BC at all, I loved it. Each car had nothing but legit and quality parts on it and done with careful thought and precision. It seemed like nobody cheaped out on putting their cars together. One of my thoughts on building a car is doing it the way you like it – not according to some forum and what other people think. I think that might account for a lot of the similarities that you see across the car scene and on occasion you’ll see a legit build come up because he’s doing it on his own.

Of course, not everybody has the money to do things the way those high rollers are, but you can always build a sick car on a budget if you do it right. We’re starting to see more of it now locally with people getting into buying real parts and finding the right information to help them along the way. Anyways… Apart from my rant, BC’s show was a great experience. Definitely a big difference and we’re only 12 hours away! haha

My favourite cars came from AJ-R’s booth – bringing out all the big game and taking up a big part of the show, from GTR’s, Evo’s, NSX’s, S2000’s and Fits.

Matte Black AJR GTR on BBS LM’s

AJR J’s Racing RSX on RE30’s. I’ve always been a huge fan of J’s and Mugen aero. It’s street aggressive and so clean at the same time. No gaudy lines or weird, eyesore pieces.

AJR J’s Racing Fit on Spoon CR93 wheels.

Another AJR J’s Racing RSX with wide front fenders. Still so clean.

AJR J’s Racing with ASM over fenders.

AJR Spoon S2000. Not a fan of the T/A CE28’s… T/A wheels didn’t last long and I don’t think I ever liked the combo because it always looked cheap, but peep the titanium T1R lugs. Love them.

AJR Widebody NSX on fluorescent Wedsports TC105N. Always good to see an NSX.

AJR J’s Racing and Voltex CSX.

Matte S2000… This wasn’t part of the AJR booth but still so good. Love those Weds

And finally a Spoon’d out S2000. All black with the spoon calipers. Never liked black on black, but this worked nicely.

You can also tell I’m a huge fan of GT wings. ❤ haha

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