It’s All In the Details

My titanium bolts came in from moddiction today and I’m pretty happy with them! I got them in plain Ti because I was interested in trying to achieve the blue/purple burn look myself.

I borrowed Diana’s dads torch and went at it. It’s pretty cool to watch the titanium glow red and hot and then turn to a blue. It’s tricky for a first time try because if you keep the torch on too long, the titanium gets hotter and hotter and with temperature, comes different colors. It got to the point where it looked like the neo chro lug nuts from T1R – kind of yellow and green with little bits of blue and purple here and there. Cool – but not the look I was after.

The good thing is that you can simply sand it off with a super fine grit sandpaper and try again. The second time is a charm, kept the heat on for a shorter period of time and achieved the blue/purple. My only gripe is the grain that shows up and it’s not as clean looking as I’d like it to be either. I ended up just living with it for now because I just wanted to see them on. I think I’ll take them off on the weekend, sand them down nicely to get rid of any grit or marks and try again to see if I can achieve a better and bolder color.

3 thoughts on “It’s All In the Details

  1. If you want them in a bluish purple color. Dip them in Coca Cola first.mafter that heat them up.
    Greta blog and car. Keep up the great work.

    • Oh wicked tip! Thanks, Jay! Do you dry it after dipping or just go ahead and heat them?

      Appreciate the comment! Been following your blog for years. Still have the OG frame.

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