Summer is Finally Here!

Today had to be the hottest day of the year hands down. Thank god too – it’s been a long time coming. Right around 2PM it was about 25C degrees according to my car haha. We’ve all been waiting for the day to just chill outside, sit on the pavement and not be wearing a sweater or shivering so much that our muscles get sore lol – last week at Thai Thai’s was a good example of that.

Ricky and I actually spent the morning yesterday and today detailing cars. Yesterday was Diana’s Fit cause it was dirty as fuck and the car never gets washed unless I do it. Fortunately, she has Ricky and I to care for what she neglects. For those that own a white car and even daily drive it through winter and such, you’ll know if you don’t wash it, you end up getting these rust-looking spots all over and it’s a bitch to get off. Diana’s Fit had it ALL over her car – bumper, hatch, doors, fenders… So we spent a good 3 hours polishing, waxing, and doing a top to bottom detailing inside and out getting rid of garbage, dirt, and coffee stains (that she blames on Mcdonald’s lids). I didn’t take any pics though – I should have cause it was minty fresh after we were done.

This morning was my sister’s car – my old Civic. Black cars, like most of you know are also a bitch to take care of. Wipe it with the wrong cloth, or neglect it and you get swirls and it just looks like shit. Derrick came and helped out so we ended up polishing and waxing it up in about an hour or less. It’s also minty fresh now – and for some reason I didn’t take a picture of it either. Fail haha… anyways, just a good day – soaking up the sun and hanging out.

After detailing – was the Western Subaru Club mini meet at 3pm. Just a few guys came out to hang and enjoy the weather as well. Every place was busy – looks like everybody had the same idea…

Ricky and Derrick chillin in the hatch after finishing work.

Once again, we decided to meet at “Speedtech” and roll out to the meet afterwards.

Punit’s Legacy winter beater. I don’t know why you didn’t take it!!

Another in-car shot. If you look carefully, Rich is giving me the finger. Ungrateful bastard lol.

JC can’t stop smiling cause he’s probably so excited about the voltex wing and Punit is so stunned at the sick wax job on my car. Rich is thinking that he needs to lower his rears a bit more. LOL

Traffic on Memorial. Check out that peace bridge we just spent 2 million on. Spends 2 million on pedestrian bridge, shuts down race track.

Emri also popped by in his minty M3. Paint and everything on this is flawless.

Rich rocking B’s Hello Kitty backpack like nobodies business.

Steve and B stopped by. As you could see by the back pack above.

The end. It actually seemed like a long ass day – but it wasn’t. I’m just happy the weather is nice and I’m pretty sure we won’t see snow again. *knock on wood*

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