Slamming B’s TSX

After a long morning at the dyno with Sunny – we headed over to Rich’s to install Barb’s coilovers on her TSX that she had been waiting for. Rich got started earlier, JC, Punit and B went a little later and pretty much finished up by the time Ricky and I got there. It was so god damn cold I was pretty much unproductive. The heat gun and the heat fan were my best friends for the hour or two that we were there.

Now all she needs is her wheels to come in and it’ll be sitting pretty. All I did was put to bolts in that held the bolster – which I’m pretty sure could have just been left out LOL.

Quick snaps – cause my fingers and every part of my body was cold and sore from shivering all damn day.

Rich doing some final adjustments on the fronts to get it sitting right.

JC finishing up the driver side.

Look at that rear wheel. No droop = No suck!

Ricky, B and I would take turns in front of the heater.

Punit trying to keep warm with the heat gun hahaha

Down on the ground.. look at the rear wheel tuck. So crazy.

Boom. My turn lol. I’ll admit I pretty much hogged this spot for the most part.

First roll out.

illmotion X hello kitty !

Looks sick.

As you can tell we are very color-less. LOL

Final shot before we headed out – JC took this one.

Until next time!

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