Ricer Antics

Another Sunday Funday for us today. We always try to make the best of the weekend before we have to go to work again on Monday so as long as everybody has something to install or do on the weekend for the next couple of months, we should be good. I hate the idea of going to work on Sundays and I’d much rather not be sitting at home counting the hours, so I end up bugging everyone and asking them if they have anything to do. Anything.

Today was no different – Punit wanted to install his new Key’s wheel and repaint his calipers. His calipers had been red from the previous owner – that was 6 years ago and he wanted to make them a simple black. They were also pretty worn down so it was time. Ricky, JC and I went over and got started with the project. Its been a while since I’ve seen the car since last year before he put it away, not much has changed though because none of his parts are on yet. Two more weeks and it’ll be alive again!

Here it sits. Who can guess what parts he has sitting on the box in the back there?

And since it was cold as shit again today, it was either we keep the garage door open for light and freeze, or close the garage, try to preserve heat and use iPhone light. We agreed on the latter. JC and Punit getting the stock wheel off.

You can see his calipers before we did anything here. Pretty faded and beat up.

Ricky took this shot haha – I’m masking shit up front or something.

Snacks to get us through and his new Key’s wheel on the ground.

Everyone took a corner. Sanding, masking. Back breaking work…

Sick shot.

Front passenger masked up and a few coats on. Masking is the biggest bitch.

Ricky can attest to that statement above.

Gopesh pulling off the last pieces of masking. All four corners done. Damn, I don’t think I got final shots of the caliper. oops.

Hub in with new bolts. We had to stop because the pitch on the bolts for the steering wheel didn’t fit the quick release. Sucks.

Boom next install. Gopesh’s boost gauge in his GTI.

Staying like this until he gets his wheels, his ITR valences and side skirts on and other new goodies.

It was cold outside so I sat in Gopesh’s car for a bit. Heated seats and hot air cranked to the max. So here’s a closer shot of his boost gauge.

That concludes yet another Sunday Funday. We are in the final stretch for everyone’s cars to be finished!

3 thoughts on “Ricer Antics

  1. Aw! Awesome Sunday Funday! I had a crazy weekend of boobs and cars and alcohol and lake house laziness and car shows and boobs. Can’t wait for actually Sunday Fundays of Sun’s out, Buns out, but it’s still too chilly here.

    I bought shop lights that are huge and cheap and lots of lights and keeps you warm from Sears bc they’re going out of business and clearancing everything. Warm and bright!

    Great pics! And good job with the snacks to help you through Punit’s project for the day. I didn’t notice if you guys stayed hydrated though.


    • Oh what a good idea with the shop lights at Sears! Never thought of it. But at the same time, it’s only for a few more weeks before it gets nice out and we won’t be using lights. During the winter we never work on our cars anyway, so they probably wouldn’t get too much usage.

      haha glad to hear you had a good weekend with all the necessities. And yes, we did stay hydrated with mango juice and iced tea!

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