Dyno Day

Finally after a 3 week wait to book with Sunny (Airboy Tuning), today was the day. Sucky too cause it was cold as shit today and snowing on and off. Sunny wanted to get started at 9AM, so we were up and out by 8:30 – filled the tank up for him and headed out.

We got there just on time – Sunny was just opening up shop and we were ready to get going.

Quick shot of Sunny’s dyno – he rents out the back of another shop for his personal space. It’s tight, but it does the job! He’s tuned tons of cars here including some crazy GTR’s.

Blasting off all the snow and water before we get started.

Getting onto the Dyno.

All strapped in and good to go.

Shot of one of the many runs

After 10ish runs, Sunny decided to modify the stock air box – remove the resonator and add a velocity stack. There’s that (useless) milk jug sitting there.

Final outcome. Sunny showed me baseline 2011 STI numbers and they were about 225hp and 250ft/lb or torque – so there was a significant increase from just the catback and cat-less downpipe. He also squeezed about 7HP from modifying the stock air box alone! Pretty crazy. Thanks to Sunny (Airboy Tuning) for spending a good (and cold) 5 hours on the dyno making the STI a new car for me!


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