Varis Has Landed

First of all, I want to give a huge shout out to Nick Chow for helping me out in getting this kit here. Ever since I got the STI, the Varis kit had been on my to-do list ASAP. During the winter months, I had talked to Nick about buying his wheels and we got into talks about what my plans were. I mentioned that I wanted the Varis kit sometime down the road and he told me to let him know when and he’d help me out. This was probably a few weeks before Thanksgiving… fast forward and as Thanksgiving passes, I decide to jump on his offer as it could take longer than expected because of delays from Japan and such and I wanted to have it before Summer.

3 or 4 months later (I lost track), it’s here. After days and weeks of pestering Nick, I would ask what the chances are that the kit was sitting in his house and he was just about to message me to come get it LOL. I gotta hand it to Nick for being as patient as he was with me since I could imagine I probably got a little annoying asking all the time. Zoom to today and I was sitting at work wondering like I had been for the last few months, so I decided to shoot him a text again. He calls me and says it’s actually supposed to be at his house by this afternoon. HOLY SHIT.

I even left work early to send him the rest of the money and waited for JC to come and we’d make the trek across the city to his house to pick it up. When we finally got back to my place, we opened the bumper up, inspected it and placed it on top of the carbon lip. The fit and finish of legit pieces is mind blowing. Attention to detail is perfect and the weave on the carbon is just right. I think it’ll be a nice match to the Voltex wing.

Thanks JC for helping me out and to Nick for hooking it up!

The kit goes into paint to Dave and Dan at Screamin’ Paintworks tomorrow, and it should be on and good to go within a few days. Stay tuned!

The bumper without the carbon lip.

The sideskirts and running boards and the carbon lip.

JC unwrapping the lip

Damn, look at that.

Mounted! All we could say was “oh damn” hahaha

And you know you’re legit when there are authenticity labels on the inside you’ll never see.

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