StrangeFive Interview

Just wanted to give a shout out to the guys over at StrangeFive for putting this quick and short article/interview about me. They are a group of close friends that I used to work with that have an aspiration for urban culture and apparel. Their interests dip into many pools of that urban culture including the automotive scene and photography as well.

Here’s the link to my interview:

Who Am I? J. Hoang

Whether it’s your thing or not, it’s cool to follow. Lately, the trend seems to be following everything people do. Through twitter, pictures and finding out what people think about everything going around them and the world. It’s certainly refreshing to look at different and original content rather than stuff that’s been posted all over the place hundreds or thousands of times and read a slightly different opinion on it. That’s part of the reason I started my own blog with mainly my own content. Who cares if I post the same GTR on ADV1’s and write how bad ass it is because it’s so cool? No one.

Head over and check their site out.

Special thanks to Sam for putting this together and getting in touch with me.

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