Here Comes the Second Bride

Once again, a Sunday where I thought I was going to be doing something ended up being a Sunday I had nothing to do. It was another super nice day so Ricky and Derrick came over to install the second seat. We wanted to get working ASAP but apparently it takes almost an hour to get to my place from a mall that’s 15 minutes away *cough* Derrick. Anyways, once he came we got to work. Except the passenger side was a little different – since Ricky got into an accident last November, his fender was pushed in and prevented the passenger side door from opening. We worked from the back and from the drivers side instead – ended up working just as well.

You can see the damage. It should be fixed with some fresh new parts within a couple weeks!

Some indecent exposure. Couldn’t get a picture without that…

We get the seat out pretty quickly and again – VW uses lame ass bolts with heads that nobody has the tools for. We used the same tool yesterday that worked fine but it ended up stripping this one. We decided to just drill it out since we weren’t going to use it anymore.


The aftermath.

Our next, and probably biggest obstacle was the damn lever that was supplied with Wedge’s brackets. The lever would hit either the seat or the bracket before it was able to allow the seat to move forward or back. For a good hour, we went back and forth man handling the lever and bending it in certain ways so that it would form with the seat and still be useable. All man power.

You can’t really tell but after a good 20 bends, we finally got it in and working. It formed perfectly to the seat as well as the bracket. Who needs machines.

BOOM! In. Looks so good with both of them done. Too bad we couldn’t test it out because we couldn’t even get in haha

Derrick recently put his wheels on and got some other mods like his control arms and such and I’ve been wanting to shoot some random shots for him since he got the JDM front as well. We went for a quick cruise and this was one of the shots. I’ll post the rest later.

We got back and I commented on how lame his headlights looked because they were so cloudy. I bet him my car that I could polish it out without wetsanding. Derrick being the smart ass that he is, thought that it wasn’t possible. Showed his ass wrong.

Another headshot. Looks so good now!

All in all, another good productive Sunday. I wish people would get parts every weekend so we could just look forward to install parties and chill. The only thing that sucks is work tomorrow. FUUUU

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