First Day Out!

The nice weather has seriously been teasing me lately for the last two weeks and if it did snow, it was little flurries that barely stuck to anything or melted later on during the day anyway. Yesterday was probably one of the warmest days so far at +15 or something and I’ve been holding off insuring the car until the long weekend. Went to the gym with Sam after work and it was nice and hell outside – I decided that I was just gonna insure it and drive it. Screw it.

Everybody keeps saying “you’re gonna get rock chips”, and if I wasn’t waiting for the Varis kit, then I probably would have held off a little longer. But since I don’t really “care” about rock chips at this point, I thought I was just gonna go ahead.

Driving your car after it’s been away for months is the best feeling ever. Can’t wipe the smile off your face and you miss every part of the car. So, Diana and I went to Peter’s Drive-in for some bites and chilled for a bit. Can’t wait for the day to do it with everyone in +20 weather.

Got home and wanted to do a quick shoot… A half assed shoot, but still a shoot. It’s the first time I’ve used my new camera for something other than random shit and I love it too. Sorry for the dirty car – I was too lazy to clean it. Gives character I guess.

You can tell I love the rear so much. Voltex… *drool*

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