Pulled a Plane

No biggie.

A few days ago, Punit asked us if we wanted to volunteer and do a test run to pull the UPS A300 plane as a test for a charity event in June for The United Way. Sunday rolls around and he reminds us again. At first I was just gonna be a ditch bitch, be lazy and play CoD all day. But I figured, ah what the hell – how many people can say they’ve pulled a plane on a Sunday and lived? I wasn’t about to be the dude that said “not me”.

So we all roll up and we are ready to pull the fuck out of this plane. Fucking Prashant and his C63 AMG winter beater. While I’m driving my Civic. Brutal.

After going through some security checks and shit, it’s official.

The warehouse in the flesh – if you wonder where all your parcels are.

Just when we thought it was official with the lanyards, we get a CAA sticker.

The “Plane Pull Rope”. Funny cause it was bolted closed (you can see the three bolts) and that took a good half an hour for them to find the right tools to open. For a rope. lol

Finally open and we are headed out. Again – ready to pull the fuck out of this plane.

Oh shit there it is. How are we feeling? Still ready to pull the fuck out of this plane.

Pretty crazy up close.

Punit. We made him instagram shit cause he told us no phones allowed. We were literally all dying without our phones. In the end, everybody else had their phones. I could have been instagramming that shit.

OK. Positioning the plane and getting it lined up. Feeling: Still ready to pull the fuck out of the plane.

Gopesh decided that today would be a great day to wear shorts. All he ever wears is shorts. Today was cold as hell. lol

45 minutes pass. The plane is still in the same spot. The sun is barely peaking and the blue skies are starting to come out for a bit. Feeling: Kind of ready to pull the fuck out of this plane.

1 hour mark goes by. Feeling: Don’t give a shit about pulling the fuck out of this plane anymore. It’s cold, we’re hungry, and I had to take a piss so we went up into the office and chilled for a bit. I snooped a bit and found a metal detector. So sick.

Then JC found some crazy spindle that we were all amazed with. When you can’t feel your face or body anymore, sometimes shit like this makes you feel better.

Maybe an hour and a half later… The rope is hooked, the plane is repositioned and we’re all hyped up again. I didn’t get any pictures of the actual pulling obviously because we actually pulled the fuck out of it a good 30 ft or something. There was 20 of us I think. It ended up being easier than we thought. Once it got going, it was like pulling nothing.

One of the strongman champs was there to give instructions. He performed a bunch of these and I can’t remember all the details but he attempted to pull the plane on his own as well. Unfortunately, he ended up not being able to do it, but props for trying. He was blue as hell by the time he was done.

All in all.. a pretty good Sunday even after all the waiting around in the cold wind. Now I can tell people I pulled the fuck out of a plane. Go team.

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