So much for a lazy Sunday…

Huge day ahead of us today. I’m lovin’ the weather lately because it’s getting nicer and nicer out and as everybody gets their parts and the itch to put them on, there’s usually something going on during the weekend – whether it’s a simple install,  picking parts up, or shooting the shit, it’s always a good time. Today was a perfect example of that…

Derrick had picked up some wheels for dirt cheap – like he practically picked dirt off the ground in his garden and paid for them – and they were in some hurtin’ condition so he wanted to paint them and Ricky and I decided we’d lend a hand.  Especially after he showed me a picture of the first wheel he did, I couldn’t say no to a friend in desperate need. We agreed on 10AM.

Even with daylight savings and the time jumping an hour ahead and less sleep – I was up and ready to go. We got to Derrick’s around 9:45AM and low and behold, he isn’t up yet and answers the door with no pants on. He goes on to complain we were “early”. Anyways, as he’s getting ready we’re chillin in his living room waiting for the princess to get ready…

Finally get into the garage ready to do work and we see his new Type R shell with the JDM front. So sick cause it matches his car!

Derrick’s Integra in the flesh.

Right away, we get started. The guy that had them before him put them through some crazy shit. Scuffed, had some purple paint and shit on it that was impossible to take off so we spent a few hours sanding them down to get them to be as nice as we could by hand.

My wheel – it looked pretty bad before.

After the sanding was done, I sprayed the primer and had it looking decently good again.

Done! A simple white and a few shots of some clear and we were in the zone. Looked dope. I think it’ll look super sick on silver. Check out Derrick doing work in the back. He’s actually sanding off all the paint on the first wheel he did cause I told him it was rubbish.

Myself spraying the second wheel. I can’t even remember who took this.. haha

Derrick took this shot. I guess he wanted to show off his RC and car at the same time.


Shit, this is where it got crazy. I had got my Invidia Cat-less downpipe on Friday from Vex and I was supposed to install it next weekend but since we were done at Derrick’s early and I was anxious to install it, we all agreed to head over to my place to do more work. Derrick’s cousin, Stanley also tagged along to help out.

Haha as we were getting ready to jack the car up, one of the wheels fell off of the jack. How many guys does it take to put a wheel back on? Three. One to hold the jack, one to put the wheel back on, and one to tell them how to do it. hahahahaha just kidding.

Intercooler has to come off first. Look at Derrick doing more work. Wow.

And again. I thought that I’d get as many pics of him doing work.

Finally got the downpipe out. It was really only a few bolts, but the way the bolts are positioned and the angles, it was such a bitch to take out. All the gay heatshields made it difficult. Here’s a comparison of the old and new downpipe. Such a huge weight difference.

BAM! Finally in.

Pulled it out and I decided to take it for a rip – actually the first time since I parked it and it was heaven. It was awesome. It sounded soooo good too.

Thankfully no CEL. Just need a protune when the weather gets nicer and we are good to go!

And as Derrick said when I sent him a similar pic yesterday – “OMG DAT ASS”

Huge shout out to Ricky, Derrick and Stanley for helping out today! Couldn’t have done it without you guys. Plenty more install days to come!

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