Our Morimoto bulbs came in today! 5000k goodness. Couldn’t find Philips 85122+ bulbs in that temperature, so Morimoto was the next best thing. I think this will be a nice change from the stock 4300k.

The only bad thing is that I can’t even try to put these in the car because my car has no battery LOL. The other set would be for Ricky’s GTI – he, on the other hand has the battery still in his car. It’s too bad we can’t test it on his either because I’m not giving it to him if I can’t use them either. #trolololol

In the end, this is a nice arrival to ease the anxiousness of getting new parts in. It’ll have to do until our wheels and aero come in!

Thanks to the for getting these in to me so quickly!

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