I <3 Haters?

Here’s something for people to ponder about that has been on my mind for a while. It’s the “automotive scene” or “culture” that we are all a part of in some form or another. There are tons of articles out there discussing the pitfalls or specifics as to why it is the way it is. Like why we have the “haters” or the “ricers”, or how to distinguish the “pros” from the “amateurs”. We also have a hand full of ways that help cope with the things that push against us, like “I ❤ haters” or “haters gonna hate”. The fact is we don’t actually “love” haters because ultimately, they are the ones that negatively impact everyones view on how we modify our cars, and I certainly don’t buy my parts so that I can please them. I buy them because it pleases me, and me only.

While it has only been less than 2 years in with illmotion, we have gotten the chance to see many sides of this culture that we love to be a part of oh so much. We have made many great connections with others with the same interest, like our East Coast partners – Stretch & Poke. And while it may seem like we compete with the many other blogs like Canibeat, Stance Nation, and many others, I believe that I can honestly say on behalf of our online friends that it is far from a competition, rather a passion to share and showcase other peoples’ hard work through great photography, videography, meets , shows, and other means. Unfortunately with whatever you happen to do or take part in, you will almost always receive bad reception and people that don’t agree with what you do. I respect that and realize that we can never make everybody happy. Never in a million years – and over time, you learn to accept it.

That brings me to the whole reason for this little thought – acceptance. When people do things that you don’t happen to like, the best thing to do is to accept it. It is not wrong to disagree with it, however I do think it is wrong to display it negatively. It really does no good, nor accomplishes anything except perhaps boost your ego a little bit. But I think as a collective whole (because we all love cars in the end), we need more acceptance and less rejection. The real vs fake parts debate is a long and exhausted one. However while I do believe in supporting real parts, I also support every other manufacturer in this business because in the end, they still make up our community – that is the truth of it all.

I am in no way claiming that I love every car out there, because I am also guilty of “hating” on something that may not fit my tastes. But I’m learning – as hard as it is for me to believe – that that guy loves his car as much as I love my car. Respect plays a huge role in our love for our cars. I would much rather gain a friend than an enemy. Whatever chassis you’re building on and whatever part you’re using, I don’t care as long as you do it to the best of your ability and not the depth of your wallet or the opinions from a forum. You always see that one sick car that shows up in a new build thread and those few that say “if only it had real wheels” or “too bad the kit is fake”. It doesn’t matter if the car looks dope, does it? Once again – accept it and move on.

And even after an hour, a day, or years from now, we will all still have our haters – I just hope that you learn to accept the things you “hate” a little more.

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