Project: Brembos

Thought this would be a good first post for the bloggerz. Ever since I can remember wanting an STI, I’ve always wanted red brembos. They’ve always been gold or on the WRX’s, they were branded “Subaru”. Up until the 2008+ models, they’ve been branded STI and in black. Worst. All summer I’ve been wanting to paint the calipers to be Brembo red and have the Brembo logo on it. Never got the chance cause I was always driving around in it and and never had time to take off all the wheels to do it.

With the recent sale of my Work’s, the car has been on jack stands – free for me to work on. Today happened to be a lazy Sunday so I decided instead of playing CoD all day, I’d try and do some work. So I went out and got the paint, and went to town.

Pic of stock Brembo’s

It actually took forever to sand these down. Started with 400 grit, moved to 1000, then to 2000 to make it all smooth. Masked everything up and triple checked all was good before I sprayed.

After about 4 coats. So smooth. What a beaut.

All painted up and dried. Masking removed. Turned out better than I thought! haha

Last shot with the STI fender badge. I think it’s got a nice accent to it. Can’t wait to get the new shoes on and have the red show through. Now I wait for the Brembo decals and it’ll be dandy.

I’ll admit, at first I was a bit hesitant to take sandpaper to the still-mint Brembo’s, but after it was done I couldn’t regret it anymore. Prep is important!

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